Bethesda has transformed into the hottest area in Montgomery County. It’s a contrast of the ever transforming downtown Bethesda, and the suburban Bethesda that extends out to the Potomac River along MacArthur Boulevard.

The most expensive areas in Bethesda are the walkable neighborhoods bordering Old Georgetown Road by Bethesda Row. Gorgeous custom built homes have more and more replaced older homes.

Throughout the urban downtown area you’ll see a mix of offices, condos, apartments, boutique stores, and lots of restaurants.

As you drive away from the immediate downtown area, you’ll again see more old homes torn down and replaced with massively larger and more expensive custom built homes ($1.2 million as a bare minimum).

If you want to live in a single family home in Bethesda under $800,000 — expect to live in a small home, a little bit further out from the downtown area, and potentially with some oddities that make it less desirable.

Bethesda continues to be a highly attractive area to live for the neighborhoods, the schools, and the large mix of retail and restaurants in downtown Bethesda.

Neighborhood Overview

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