May 2021 Newsletter – Updates and I’ve Moved

What’s Happening in May 2021

I hope this finds you well. Hopefully there’s at least one thing of value for you in this post. I’m sure there will be someone else you know who can benefit. So please share with those on your list and social. 🙂

The Challenge Of Finding An Available Contractor

The last 12-months has not only brought unprecedented demand for homes…it’s brought a seemingly unprecedented demand for contractors.

More people want to make changes and improvements to their homes than I can remember. And this has made finding a good contractor who can do the work you want with a reasonable start date extremely difficult.

I can only stress patience here. Several contractors I work with are definitely swamped. I have many projects for them at my house (like replacing some rotted wood and staining our deck), but they’re on the back burner.


If you’re looking to get a project done, I do want to help you. So please call or text me and I will do my best to find the best fit for you.

A Quick Look Into The Crypto Currency World…And $360 Bitcoin

Forget the meme coins you’ve probably heard more about than anything else (like DOGE)…What’s going on in the blockchain and crypto currency space will effect us all sooner than we can imagine.

I hate to say it, but I was first told about Bitcoin a little over 10-years ago. It was from a British realtor in Nicaragua. Some years before that I bought some beautiful land overlooking the Pacific Ocean with a few partners. Another story for another day. Anyway, this realtor told me about Bitcoin. He was rapidly going all in on it and the future. It flew wayyyyyy over my head.

Late in 2016, someone I pay as an advisor, said, “You really need to take a look at Bitcoin and Ethereum. Just buy a few bitcoin and a few hundred ethereum.”

Well, after briefly looking at it, I couldn’t figure out how in the world to buy them. It was too just too complicated.

Anyway, bitcoin was $360 and Ethereum was around $8. Today, they are roughly $44,000 and $3,500 as of the time of this post…but like anything in the markets, that can change quickly (and they did this last week!)

I do own some now. Not quite at the phenomenal price points I was originally advised to buy, but it’s been profitable and an interesting learn.

Whenever a product becomes more accessible, it usually drives up the demand. And that’s exactly what’s happening. Big financial institutions are piling into the blockchain and crypto space too. Now sites like Coinbase and Gemini make the experience more like dealing with a stock website like E*Trade.

The BIGGER change will come on things we don’t necessarily see but experience via smart contracts, supply change tracking and management, and hopefully at some point security. And yes, even how mortgages are approved and properties are transferred.

I do suggest learning at least a little about the blockchain and crypto currency space. It’s rapidly evolving. Here’s a brief video from IBM on bitcoin and blockchain.

Also, it takes a little more doing right now, depending on the exchange you use to keep track of buy and sell prices. The IRS, now that they see the billions and billions flowing in and out of crypto, is watching. The Wall Street Journal has a good article on this (note to self).

Wacky Weather in May

May has been a roller coaster of clouds and sun. Saturday May 8th was a wacky one. I counted a dozen changes back and forth from some sun to total clouds, to showers, and even sleet. This picture was from our deck. But it looks like we’re pushing into the 80’s for good for a while.

Sleet in May

My Wife’s A Skin Specialist…A Summer Reminder

If you could look at your skin under a skin scanner like I did, I hope it doesn’t look as bad as mine…lol.

Seriously, the damage done when I was young is evident on my skin. Even if I can’t see it all right now, it’s there. And it’s all from sun damage. But that doesn’t mean I have to continue to add more sun damage.

So here’s what my wife has me doing these days: Wearing a sun block every day on my face and shiny head. Not sun screen. Sun block.

But here’s the problem. Most of the sun blocks (and especially sun screens) contain cancerous causing chemicals. So we’ve been told to use something to prevent skin cancers, but it contains cancer causing chemicals that are absorbed right through your skin and into your body.

These chemicals have also been shown, since worn heavily for years on beaches, to damage precious coral reefs. Hawaii has banned the use of sunscreens containing oxybenzone and octinoxate — and that’s essentially every old school sunscreen.

The main concern is definitely the face. Just look for a sun block that contains simple ingredients. Zinc Oxide or Titanium Dioxide would be the key ingredients the block the harmful UV rays. Sometimes they don’t spread in very easily. Fortunately, my wife has had one created that absorbs like a smooth cream and moisturizes at the same time. Like anything good, I still have to remember to use it daily.

Outside of that protection, use a good hat and keep more covered in the middle of the day. The sun is healthier for us in the morning and the evening.

Remember, what we do today, may not show up tomorrow, but it will eventually.

This Home was NEW to the Market in Chevy Chase

Chevy Chase Home for Sale

This home did not last. My phone did not stop ringing with calls and texts the last three days. It’s wedged between Downtown Bethesda and Friendship Heights. You can even walk the Capital Crescent Trail to Bethesda Row. The marketing we did created phenomenal demand, and we are now Under Contract well above the listed price.

Let Me Know How I Can Help You

Thank you for reading. I hope you got some value out of this. Please message me I’d love to hear from you. You can always call or text me on 240-687-2650.

And I’d greatly appreciate you sharing this post with people you know, and on Facebook. It helps get the word out. I want to help more people. I truly believe both the Modern Marketing System I use for selling homes brings the most attention to homes, and the Buyer’s Edge Process we’re using will help people to get their desired home faster and with less stress.

Oh, Real Quick  – I’ve Moved…Sort Of

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