Modern Marketing Edge

Mark Fitzpatrick relentlessly pushes every property he’s selling out into the digital universe. This is where the buyers are looking. Simply uploading your property to the MLS, maybe holding an open house, and printing some brochures is not how to market in 2020 and beyond.

Mark gets your home maximum exposure with the Modern Marketing Edge.

The Modern Marketing Edge starts with a capturing great photographs and videos of your property. These are the digital assets we leverage. Yet, this is just the beginning. It’s what happens with these visual assets that makes the difference.

And let’s go back to right before we put your home up for sale. There is one HUGE factor that, when wrong, will cost you time and money... The sales price of your home.

Yes, we want to get the maximum price for your home. There is a sweet spot for the price. You would not believe how many emails I get weekly from other agents about a “new, improved price.” That just means the market didn’t agree with the original price.

A poorly priced home means lost time and missed buyers.

This is why I obsess over the pricing, not finalizing it until just before we go live. The market can change, and I want to know we have the best price possible out of the gate. It’s what I call the “Sweet Spot Price,” because it’s the optimal price to get the best buyer for your home the fastest.

The Sweet Spot Price gets your home more attention, and it makes buyers looking say, “We should put an offer in on this home now.”

Sometimes price drops are necessary, but many times — at least multiple price drops — are not. If a realtor agrees to a price they know won’t work just to get the home sale listing, that’s horribly wrong. And it does happen. Integrity matters.

Why would they do this? Well, once the home is on the market, and there are no buyers, they believe they can call the homeowner and get a price reduction.

Sometimes the original listing price is too high just because the homeowner insists on listing at that price. They were advised not to, but they insisted on trying a price that’s too high. Often the rationale is that buyers will want to negotiate the price down. So they had better put the price higher to start.

But the market doesn’t work this way. So our conversation will be straightforward about the true value of your home to the market for the purpose of selling it for the highest price.

So if you want this kind of integrity from the start…And if you want the Modern Marketing Edge, call me today to schedule a time to talk about your home.

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