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How Strategic Renovations Helped Us Sell This Severely Outdated Condo In Just 4-Days At Full Price

Imagine having bought your Fallswood condo at the peak of the 2008 real estate market, and now you want to sell the condo.

This is the exact situation my client found themself in, and why it was painfully difficult for them to take my advice.

After walking through the entire condo, I knew exactly what to do (and exactly what not to do). But still, my client didn’t want to “put another penny into this condo.”

From original cabinets, original appliances (and they worked), and original bathrooms, plus a solid wall of mirrors in the living room, this condo was the poster child for an outdated condo.

Fortunately, they were able to see the vision I shared with them for what they NET SALES PRICE would be after my Strategic Recommended Improvements versus doing nothing.

One other component that’s often lacking in the sale of properties is strategic marketing. We started marketing the condo while we were renovating it. I started marketing teaser videos, and before we were even finished, I had multiple people calling to get in to see the condo.

Are you considering selling your condo in the near future?

Or maybe not for another 3-5 years, or maybe even another decade.

No matter what you’re timing might be, please know I’m here to help you in any way I can to navigate the process.

I’m always available on my cell phone: 240-687-2650.

Looking forward to seeing you perhaps again, or meeting for the first time.


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