North Bethesda Townhome Renovation

Watch the new homeowner’s equity increase right before your very eyes!

If you’ve seen our other videos, we’ve helped many homeowners renovate parts of their home or condo BEFORE we marketed the property for sale.

We just completed a condo renovation in North Bethesda for a client that provided an estimated 125% ROI in two months. Beats the stock market right?

But this townhome in North Bethesda is different. My clients are in Hawaii.

When they came in town in early January 2023, we looked at multiple properties. When I shared with them the EQUITY UPSIDE of the ugly townhome, they were intrigued, but didn’t think it would be possible. After all, they were going back to Hawaii, only to return in late March.

Yet, they entrusted me and my team to take on this massive project, and we are underway.

And YOU get to check out the property from its UGLY stage (I mean really ugly) to its BEAUTIFUL stage.

We are turning this North Bethesda home into essentially a new townhome. And we’re doing it all for our clients while they are in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. And they will be moving in with INSTANT EQUITY!

Be sure to Follow the process here and on YouTube and on Instagram.

And if you ever want to talk about how we can help you do the same in your own home for your enjoyment, or to maximize your profit in the sale of your home, give me a call direct at 240-687-2650.

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